General English

  • noun the work of buying and selling things
  • noun something that affects a particular person


  • noun work in buying, selling, or doing other things to make a profit


  • A firm.
  • The activities engaged in by firms.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an organisation that produces and sells goods or provides a service

Media Studies

  • noun an action or series of actions that an actor includes for dramatic or comic effect or to fill in a pause when nothing of interest is happening on stage


  • noun the work of making, buying or selling
  • noun a company, shop or factory which makes, buys or sells things
  • noun things that are discussed in a meeting


  • a hypodermic syringe. A drug user’s euphemism.
  • an act of defecation. To ‘do one’s business’ was a nursery expression epitomising Victorian notions of duty and hygiene.
  • a thrashing, a thorough dressing down or beating up
  • the very best, the acme of excellence


  • noun types of business taken as a group