General English

  • noun an insect with large brightly coloured wings, which flies during the day

Cars & Driving


  • verb to split a piece of food such as meat or fish along its length, separating it into halves that remain joined


  • noun a swimming stroke in which both arms are lifted simultaneously above and over the head while both feet are kicked up and down

Origin & History of “butterfly”

A number of theories have been put forward as to how the butterfly got its name. Perhaps the most generally accepted is that it is a reflection of a once-held notion that butterflies land on and consume butter or milk left uncovered in kitchen or dairy (an idea perhaps supported by the German name for the ‘butterfly’, milchdieb, literally ‘milk-thief’). other suggestions are that the word is a reference to the yellow wings of certain species of the insect, or to the colour of butterflies’ excrement.