General English

  • noun a person who buys things.



  • noun in B2B selling, a person who has made a commitment to buy, but has not finalised the deal


  • (written as Buyer)
    A person or company who has issued or executed a buy order on a currency exchange or securities market. The term is also used comparatively to refer to market participants placing buy orders at a given point in time, as opposed to those who are selling. A high proportion of buyers to sellers of a currency may accompany an upward move in price.


  • noun a person who buys goods from a wholesaler, which are then stocked by a large store
  • noun a publisher who buys the reprint rights in a book from the original publisher, especially the right to reprint the book in another country

Real Estate

  • noun someone who buys or intends to buy something


  • noun a person who buys something, or whose job is to buy goods for a company