General English

General Science

  • noun a sound like a loud hum
  • verb to make a loud hum


  • verb to fly low in an aircraft over people or buildings, or to fly across the path of other aircraft


  • A vibratory or droning sound, such as that produced by a buzzer, or resulting from certain electrical interferences.
  • A vibratory force with controlled amplitude and frequency, which is continuously applied to a device which is servomotor driven, so as to avoid it sticking in the null position. Also called dither (2).


  • noun a rumour. A usage now so widespread as to be a colloquialism rather than slang.
  • noun a pleasurable sensation, stimulation. In the jargon of drug users, especially the beats and later the hippies, the word referred to a surge of lightheadedness, a rush or high. It sometimes also refers to the use of alcohol.
  • verb to become intoxicated from sniffing solvents. The term is heard particularly in the Scottish Lowlands and the north of England. (Huff is an American synonym.).
  • verb to experience a sense of exhilaration, a rush or high