General English


  • noun an alternative pipe, channel, etc.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a road going round and thus avoiding a town or other congested area
  • noun the means such as a passage through which the flow of a liquid or gas is redirected in place of its original or main course


  • noun an alternative route around a component or device, usually a faulty one, so that it is not used


  • A pipe or duct used to divert flow around an element.
  • A pipe used to divert flow around another pipe or piping system.


  • A low impedance path which allows a current to flow around one or more circuits or components, as opposed to through it. This path may be intentionally or unintentionally created. Also, to create such a path. Also called shunt (2).
  • In telecommunications, avoiding the use of the local telephone company as a transmission pathway. A satellite, for instance, may serve as an alternative route.


  • noun a surgical operation to redirect the blood, usually using a grafted blood vessel and usually performed when one of the person’s own blood vessels is blocked
  • noun a new route for the blood created by a bypass operation


  • noun a road which passes around the outside of a town (in order to avoid going through the centre)
  • verb to move past an enemy position without engaging it


  • noun a road which goes round a town
  • verb to avoid a place, especially a busy or congested place, by taking a route around it