General English


  • noun
    (written as C)
    a high level programming language developed mainly for writing structured systems programs
  • noun
    (written as C++)
    a high-level programming language based on its predecessor, C, but providing object-oriented programming functions
  • symbol
    (written as C)
    the hexadecimal number equivalent to decimal 12


  • abbreviation
    (written as c)
    caught; used in the scorebook, following the name of a batsman and preceding the name of a fielder, to indicate the manner of the batsman’s dismissal and the player responsible for it. In earlier times dismissals by catching were credited to the catcher alone; thus, in the Kent v All England match of 1744,.
    Citation ‘Lord J. Sackville C by Waymark 5’ (Nyren 1833 in HM)
    See also c and b


  • (written as C)
    A high-level computer programming language which is highly flexible and mostly machine-independent because of its closeness to assembly language. Also called C programming language.
  • (written as C++)
    An object oriented version of C (7).


  • Fish: the following word indicates the type or state of the fish