General English


Cars & Driving

  • noun an enclosed part at the front of a commercial vehicle for the driver and passenger(s)


  • noun the driver’s compartment of a lorry or truck
  • acronym forcombat aviation brigade
    (written as CAB)


  • acronym forcurrent account balance
    (written as CAB)


  • acronym forCitizens' Advice Bureau or Bureaux
    (written as CAB)
  • acronym forCitizens’ Advice Bureau or Bureaux
    (written as CAB)


  • acronym forCitizens’ Advice Bureaux
    (written as CAB)


  • abbreviation forCabernet Sauvignon
    (written as Cab)

Origin & History of “cab”

Cab is short for cabriolet, a term, borrowed from French, for a light horse-drawn carriage. It comes, via the French verb cabrioler, from Italian capriolare ‘jump in the air’, a derivative of capriolo ‘roebuck’, from Latin capreolus, a diminutive form of caper ‘goat’ (source of English caper ‘leap’ and Capricorn). The reason for its application to the carriage was that the vehicle’s suspension was so springy that it appeared to jump up and down as it went along. From the same source comes the cabriole leg ‘curved furniture leg’ (18th c.), from its resemblance to the front leg of a capering animal.