• A small room or private apartment, especially for study or consultations.
  • A suite of rooms for exhibiting articles and curiosities.
  • A case, box, or piece of furniture with sets of drawers or shelves and doors, used primarily for storage.
  • An enclosure with doors for housing electrical devices and wiring connections.


  • An enclosure within which an apparatus, such as a TV, computer, or speaker, may be housed. The composition of such an enclosure will vary, depending on the specific needs of what is being enclosed, and where it will be used.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a piece of furniture with doors and drawers used for storing things.


  • noun a display case for goods for sale, especially frozen food


  • noun a committee formed of the most important members of the government, chosen by the Prime minister or president to be in charge of the main government departments
  • noun a meeting of the Cabinet