• noun money. The term has occurred particularly in adolescent and campus usage since the 1980s, but was first recorded in adult black street slang of the 1960s.
  • noun (something) easily achieved, often as an exclamation by school-age children. A shortening of the colloquial phrase ‘a piece of cake’.


  • noun a sweet food made from flour, sugar, eggs, milk and other ingredients, baked in an oven

Origin & History of “cake”

Originally, cake was a term for a flat round loaf of bread (it is this ‘shape’ element in its meaning that lies behind more modern usages such as ‘cake of soap’). It is not until the 15th century that we find it being applied to foodstuffs we would now recognize as cakes, made with butter, eggs, and some sort of sweetening agent. English borrowed the word from Old Norse kaka; it is related to cookie (from Dutch koekje), but not, despite the similarity, to cook. The expression piece of cake ‘something easy’ seems to have originated in the 1930s.