• noun an oval or egg-shaped wheel which, when rotating, converts circular motion into reciprocating motion

Cars & Driving

  • noun a rotating part with a projection or projections (called lobes) used to push another part at precisely defined intervals
  • noun a camshaft


  • noun
    (written as CAM)
    the use of a computer to control machinery or assist in a manufacturing process.
  • acronym forcomputer-aided manufacture
    (written as CAM)


  • An eccentric wheel mounted on a rotating shaft and used to produce reciprocal or variable motion in an engaged or contacted part.
  • In a lock, the rotating piece attached to the cylinder that actuates the locking mechanism.


  • acronym forcomputer aided manufacturing
    (written as CAM)


  • acronym forcomplementary and alternative medicine
    (written as CAM)

General Science

  • acronym forcomputer-assisted manufacture
    (written as CAM)
  • noun the use of a computer to control machinery or to assist in a manufacturing process.


  • acronym forcomputer-aided manufacturing
    (written as CAM)
  • acronym forcommon-access method
    (written as CAM)
  • acronym forcomputer-assisted manufacturing
    (written as CAM)
  • An ANSI standard pertaining to the interface between SCSI peripherals and SCSI host adapters. Its acronym is CAM.