General English

  • noun a method of using coloured shapes or things such as branches or grass to hide something

General Science

  • noun the natural concealment of an animal’s shape by colours or patterns
  • verb to hide the shape of an animal or object by using colours or patterns on the skin or exterior


  • noun the use of natural and man-made materials to make something blend in with the surrounding area
  • noun materials used for camouflage (natural vegetation, camouflage net, fabric, paint)
  • verb to conceal something by making it blend in with its surroundings

Origin & History of “camouflage”

Camouflage reached the English language during world War I, when the art of concealing objects from the enemy was considerably developed. It is of French origin, a derivative of the verb camoufler ‘disguise’, which came from Italian camuffare ‘disguise, trick’.