General English


  • noun the ability of an ATC system, in a given area, to provide a normal service, expressed in numbers of aircraft


  • noun the ability to pay back a loan

Cars & Driving

  • noun the amount which can be contained in a container such as a fuel tank, sump, radiator, etc., and by extension the swept volume of an engine
  • noun the output of an electric motor or other electrical apparatus
  • noun the volume of fluid handled through a pump, usually in gallons per minute


  • noun the amount of storage space available in a system or on a disk


  • noun the amount which can be produced, or amount of work that can be done, or the amount of use made of the factors of production. full capacity means that full use is made of the factors.


  • The maximum amount that can be contained, accommodated, or handled.
  • The ability of a battery or cell to supply current during a given time interval, usually expressed in ampere-hours.
  • The amount of data that a computer or peripheral device can process, store, or transmit.
  • A seldom-used term for capacitance.

Health Economics

  • (written as Capacity)
    A measure sometimes of the throughput or output of which a hospital or other organization is capable and sometimes of the stock of an input such as hospital beds, which may determine a limit to throughput or output rates. Inevitably, there is an element of arbitrariness in measuring capacity and it will depend on what is taken as 'given'. For example, if single shift-working is taken as given, either the capacity would (other things being equal) be viewed as having increased if there were a move to two-shift working, or the organization would be viewed as operating above capacity. There are also major empirical difficulties in estimating capacity, given the enormous heterogeneity of organizations in health care and other industries.


  • noun the ability to enter into a legally binding agreement, which is one of the essential elements of a contract


  • noun the amount of something that can be produced or the amount of work that can be done


  • quantity, as opposed to quality, of the total crop produced by a vine