General English


  • A circular conveyor upon which objects rest or are rotated. For example, a CD or DVD changer in which the disks rest on a rotating tray.

Media Studies

  • noun a circular holder for photographic slides that turns through the projector so that the pictures can be viewed one after the other


  • (written as Carousel)
    Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical about love and death in aNew England fishing town. It opened on Broadway in 1945 as a TheatreGuild production. Hammerstein acknowledged it as his favouriteand critics generally agree, feeling that the integration of music,dancing, and story is unequalled. The songs include 'Carousel Waltz','If I Loved You', 'June Is Bustin' Out All Over', and 'You'll NeverWalk Alone'. Revivals include Nicholas Hytner's 1992 productionat the National Theatre, London, which later (1994) enjoyed a long run on Broadway.

    The story is an adaptation of FerenČ Moln├ír'splay Liliom (1909), about a carnival barker in Budapest. Apartfrom moving the setting to America, Rodgers and Hammerstein changedlittle. Billy Bigelow, a fairground barker, loses his job owing tohis love for Julie Jordan, a mill worker. Billy mistreats Julie, sometimesphysically, but vows to reform when he hears that she is pregnant.However, the need to support his new family draws him into an attempted robbery, during which he is killed. In heaven Billy is given one day back on earth to sort out the mess he has left behind. He returns home and gives his daughter Louise - now an unhappy teenager - a star that he has stolen from heaven.

    The last scene was called "an impertinence" bythe US critic Eric Bentley, who added: "I refuse to be lecturedby a musical comedy scriptwriter on the education of children, thenature of the good life, and the contribution of the American smalltown to the salvation of souls."


  • noun a device at an airport consisting of a turning platform or a large circular belt, where the baggage of arriving passengers is placed by baggage handlers so that the passengers can find it and take it away