General English

  • noun one of the vehicles that are joined together to make a train
  • noun a vehicle, especially an old-fashioned one, that is pulled by a horse
  • noun the cost of carrying goods, or the action of carrying goods


  • noun the mechanical section of a printer that correctly feeds or moves the paper that is being printed


  • The sloping beam that is installed between the stringers to support the steps of a wooden staircase.



  • noun a coach for passengers on a train
  • noun the act of transporting goods from one place to another, or the cost of doing this

Origin & History of “carriage”

Carriage is literally ‘carrying’. It is an Old Northern French derivative of the verb carier, in the sense ‘transport in a vehicle’. At first it meant simply ‘conveyance’ in the abstract sense, but in the 15th century more concrete meaning began to emerge: ‘load, luggage’ (now obsolete) and ‘means of conveyance, vehicle’. By the 18th century the latter had become further specialized to ‘horse-drawn wheeled vehicle for carrying people’ (as opposed to goods).