General English



  • noun a removable cassette, containing a disk or tape or program or data, usually stored in ROM


  • A case or container which holds a device or substance which is intended to be plugged into a larger piece of equipment. For instance, such a container enclosing ink, a magnetic tape, or a printed circuit.
  • A removable computer storage device which contains a magnetic or optical disk. For instance, a floppy disk. Also called disk cartridge. Also, such a device utilizing a chip or another storage medium.
  • A container, which houses a length of magnetic media, that can be plugged into the appropriate device in a manner that eliminates the need for directly handling the contents. For instance, a videotape, or a continuous-loop tape cartridge.
  • In a phonograph, an electromechanical transducer whose stylus vibrates as it follows the grooves of a record, and which converts these vibrations into electric signals. There are various types, including moving coil and piezoelectric, and each attaches to a phonograph arm. Also called phonograph cartridge, phonograph pickup, phono cartridge, or pickup (2).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a removable device made of a closed box containing a disk, tape, program or data

Media Studies

  • noun the end section of the arm of a record player that holds the needle over the record
  • noun a plastic box containing a length of magnetic tape for recording


  • noun a metal or plastic case containing the propellant for a projectile (and usually the projectile as well)