General English

  • noun a hard covering which protects something


Cars & Driving

  • noun a cover passing all the way round a piece of equipment, such as an electric motor
  • noun a tyre, especially in its basic form before the tread has been moulded on


  • The exposed millwork enclosure of cased beams, posts, pipes, etc.
  • The exposed trim molding or lining around doors and windows.
  • The pipe liner of a hole in the ground, such as that used for a well, caisson, or pile.


  • noun the tube that encloses the meat mixture of a sausage or similar product, nowadays often plastic but traditionally a part of an animal’s alimentary canal from the gullet to the rectum


  • noun the act of putting a hard cover on a book, attaching it by glueing it to the endpapers and the hinge flaps

Real Estate

  • noun an outer covering, e.g. the sheath of an electrical cable
  • noun a frame containing a door, window or stairway.