General English


  • adjective not permanent, or not regular

Media Studies


  • adjective excellent. The standard adjective has been borrowed for use as a fashionable all-purpose term of approbation among younger speakers since the 1990s.
  • noun a member of a working-class subgroup of the early 1980s who were to some extent successors to skinheads and ‘suedeheads’. The characteristic of a casual was that he or she wore fairly expensive designer sports clothes in imitation of Italian or US preppie looks. The musical accompaniment to this style was generally home-produced soul or disco music. Casuals were a more materialistic and conformist manifestation from the skinhead and mod milieus. Optional elements of the lifestyle included football hooliganism and shoplifting for clothes or profit. Casuals were personified by the 1988 comic character Eddie loadsamoney, created by harry Enfield.