• The very expensive prepared roe of the female sturgeon found in the wild in Russia, the Mediterranean, the eastern Atlantic and the western Pacific but now being farmed. The main varieties are beluga, sevruga and osciotre caviar. The colour can vary from white to black and gold to orange brown, but different colours are not mixed. It is prepared from freshly caught fish within 2 hours. The roes are removed carefully and rubbed through a string sieve to remove membranes and then drained. The eggs are mixed with 50 to 80 g of fine salt per kg and preservative according to destination. It is not sterilized and must therefore be kept under refrigeration. It is at its best after 3 days and thereafter develops a fish flavour.
  • A general term used for prepared fish roe where the eggs are separated so as to resemble sturgeon caviar, e.g. lumpfish roe.