• noun
    (written as CD-i)
    hardware and software standards that combine sound, data, video, and text onto a compact disc and allow a user to interact with the software stored on a CD-ROM. The standard defines encoding, compression, and display functions.
  • noun set of enhancements to the normal CD-ROM standard, developed by Philips, and aimed for home use. The system uses its own special hardware console with speakers, joystick and a connection to a television screen to display the images. The special feature of CD-I is that it allows you to interact with what you see on the television screen and choose options or respond to questions or a game.


  • Abbreviation of compact disc-interactive. A CD format which can store multimedia content on high-capacity discs. Such discs will only work with CD-I players, and such players incorporate their own microprocessor. Also called CD interactive system.
  • acronym forcompact disc-I

Information & Library Science

  • noun a compact disc with electronic information that can be changed by the user.


  • acronym forcompact disc-interactive