General English


  • noun a temporary storage for data or registers or tasks, in which items are added and retrieved from the same end of the list in a LIFO order


  • A room or set of rooms below orpredominantly below grade, usually under a building.


  • noun the part of a building below ground level (normally used for storage).

Real Estate

  • noun a room wholly or partly underground that is used for storage, traditionally for the storage of wine or food


  • The space beneath the stage. It is used for storage and tohouse machinery used to change scenery and create special effects.The area is also employed to elevate and lower an actor through atrap. Since Continental theaters often had framed backgroundsthat had to be lowered beneath the stage, their cellars were sometimesvery deep; by comparison the average British cellar was relativelyshallow.

    When the Ghost in Hamlet cries out from beneath thestage, the Prince jokes nervously about "this fellow in thecellarage" (V, i).