General English


Cars & Driving


  • An enclosed section, compartment, space, or room. Examples include anechoic, resonant, and ion chambers.


  • noun a room where a committee or legislature meets



  • noun the part of a gun in which a round is placed for firing


  • noun a part of a parliament where a group of representatives meet, or the representatives meeting there. In many parliaments there is a lower chamber and an upper chamber.

Real Estate

  • noun a room used for a particular purpose

Origin & History of “chamber”

The ultimate source of chamber is Greek kamárā ‘something with an arched cover, room with a vaulted roof’. this passed into Latin as camara or camera (source of English camera), and in Old French became transformed into chambre, the immediate source of the English word. Related forms in English include comrade (from Spanish camarada), originally ‘someone sharing a room’; chamberlain (13th c.), which was originally coined in the west Germanic language of the Franks as *kamerling using the diminutive suffix -ling, and came into English via Old French chamberlenc; and chimney.