General English

Information & Library Science

  • noun a branch of a trade union in printing and journalism
  • noun a meeting of a printers’ or journalists’ chapel

Media Studies

  • noun the National Union of Journalists’ newspaper division


  • noun a small building (normally without a spire or tower) used for religious worship by Christians

Origin & History of “chapel”

Chapel has a very specific source: it was originally applied to the shrine built to preserve the cloak (late Latin cappa) of St Martin of Tours as a holy relic. The diminutive form of cappa was cappella, and this came to be applied to the building itself, gradually being broadened out subsequently to any moderately sized place of worship. The word reached English via Old French chapele. The church functionary who guarded St Martin’s cloak was known by the derivative term cappellānus, source of English chaplain (12th c.).