General English


  • noun
    (written as Cheddar)
    a hard yellow cheese, originally made in the West Country


  • (written as Cheddar)
    The renowned English cheese from the Cheddar Gorge area now made all over the world. It is a hard, scalded curd, full-fat cows’ milk cheese made with a lactic starter and traditionally cloth bound. The paste is firm and yellow with a very pleasant flavour ranging from mild to sharp (tasty) depending on maturity (3–12 months). It is available in farmhouse (5–12 kg rounds) and commercial versions of indeterminate size. An excellent dessert and cooking cheese. Contains 36 per cent water, 34 per cent fat and 29 per cent protein.


  • adjective cheesy. A pejorative vogue term in use in the USA and UK since around 2000.
  • noun money. An expression used on campus in the USA since around 2000.


  • noun a hard pale yellow or orange-red cheese with a flavour that ranges from mild to very strong, depending on its maturity