Chicken Soup with Barley



  • The first of Arnold Wesker's trilogy of plays aboutan East End Jewish family, the Kahns. It was first performed in 1958at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, and subsequently transferred tothe Royal Court Theatre in London. The other plays of the trilogyare Roots (1959) and I'm Talking About Jerusalem (1960).

    Chicken Soup with Barley follows the disintegration of theKahn family and their political ideals over the 20 years from 1936 to 1956. Sarah is energetic and emotional, a passionate Communist, while her friendly husband, Harry, is lazily apolitical. Sarah fights a long losing battle as Harry's apathy slides into senility. Their daughter Ada inherits Sarah'sromantic idealism but Ronnie, their son, becomes disillusioned in the wakeof the Soviet invasion of Hungary.