Chips with Everything



  • A play about life in the RAF by Arnold Wesker. Itwas first performed in London in 1962 at the Royal Court Theatre,directed by John Dexter, and opened on Broadway a year later. Weskeruses the division between the officers and the other ranks in theRoyal Air Force as a microcosm of the British class system and showsthe damage it does to individuals.

    Set in an RAF station, the plot focuses on an educated upper-classman who rebels against the system by joining the ranks. Although theofficers attempt to humiliate and break him, Pip steadfastly remainswith his mates who eat "chips with everything". Pip finallygives in when the officers accuse him of seeking power and statusamong the lower classes. He rejoins the establishment and successfullyaverts a rebellion by the airmen against their poor treatment.