Christy Minstrels



  • The troupe of black-faced minstrels organized by the US musician Edwin Pearce Christy in 1843. To an accompaniment of various stage-Negro antics they sang plantation songs while Bones, Sambo, and other stock characters of the minstrel show cracked punning jokes. Stephen Collins Foster provided their best-known songs, which included 'Beautiful Dreamer' and 'Old Folks at Home' ('Swanee River'). After the original troupe disbanded in 1855 there were numerous offshoots, all claiming the 'Christy' name. In Britain, one of these developed into the famous Moore and Burgess Minstrels, who performed at London's St James's Hall for 35 years.
    Q: Why is it almost certain that Shakespeare wasa broker?
    A: Because he furnished so many stock quotations.

    The Merry Book of the Moore and Burgess Minstrels.