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  • A grayish-white metallic element added to steel to enhance its strength and hardness. It is also used as a plating medium because of the rust-resisting surface that results. chromium plating produces a highly polished finish.


  • A hard, brittle steel-gray metallic element whose atomic number is 24. It has nearly 20 known isotopes, of which 4 are stable. The compounds it forms generally have varied and intense colors. It is frequently alloyed with, or plated onto other metals, contributing hardness, heat resistance, strength, and corrosion resistance. Its chemical symbol is Cr.
  • chemical symbolCr
  • Within the YCbCr color model, one of the two color-difference signals. The other is Cb (2).


  • A trace element required by the body for health, found in fish, nuts, whole grains, yeast and seaweed

Information & Library Science

  • abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for Costa Rica