• The opera of Sichuan province, China. Its origins can be tracedback to the 17th century. The music blends various regional styleswhile the drama combines elements of kunqu from the mainChinese theater with the truly native dengxi, a folk dramawith mask dances. At the beginning of the 20th century extensive reformswere made by the actor and instructor Kang Zhilin (1870 - 1931).He managed the Sanqing (Three Celebrations) Company, the most famousSichuan Opera troupe, formed in 1912. The genre has received supportfrom the communist regime (except during the Cultural Revolution).Since 1983 the Sichuan Province Chuanju Research Institutehas maintained more than 2000 texts of plays.

    Although some Sichuan stage techniques were introduced tothe Beijing Opera, the Chuanju retains a number of unique traditions. One of these is the acrobatic move in which an actor touches his forehead with his foot, leaving a third 'eye' there.