• An adjustable device with teeth that holds a cutting or drill bit in place.


  • The name of a large part of the forequarter of beef extending to the brisket and excluding only the foreribs and part of the middle ribs. It is cut in a number of different ways which depend on the locality but are mainly self explanatory, e.g. chuck roll, chuck steak, blade steak, chuck tender, shoulder steak, chuck short ribs, arm steak, etc.


  • noun a term of endearment literally meaning chicken in northern English speech. It was originally a rural dialect term imitating the sound of clucking (chook in modern Australian English).
  • verb to vomit. A moderately respectable euphemism probably abbreviated from the more common chuck up.
  • verb to throw out; specifically in police and underworld jargon to reject (an appeal), dismiss (a case) or acquit (a defendant)
  • verb to stop, desist. In this sense the word has been used particularly in working-class slang of the north of England.
  • verb to eat excessively. In this case the verb is synonymous with ‘chuck out’ or pig out.
  • verb to leave, hurry away