General English




  • The flow of a liquid or a gas within a closed series of pipes.
  • The flow of air (fresh, heated, orcooled) in a building.
  • Any pipe forming a part of a liquid or gas circuit.


  • (written as Circulation)
    The full amount of a given currency held by the public. The circulation of a currency does not include amounts held by government institutions such as the central bank or treasury, so money supply and currency value can be controlled or adjusted by increasing or decreasing money in circulation.
  • synonymcurrency

Information & Library Science

  • noun the number of copies of a newspaper or magazine sold each time it is produced
  • noun distribution of written materials such as journals or books to people who may be interested in them
  • abbreviationcir.

Media Studies

  • noun the number of copies sold of each issue of a publication.


  • noun movement around something
  • noun the passing of money from one person to another


  • noun a CPU register that stores the instruction that is currently being executed.