• The most important tree fruit crop in the world (around 70 per cent of all fruit grown) which will grow within 40 degrees of latitude on either side of the equator. There are six genera of which three are of commercial importance, i.e. poncirus (trifoliate orange), Fortunella (kumquat) and Citrus (eight important species). All three will hybridize with each other and most Citrus species are cross-fertile, hence the increasing number of varieties.


Origin & History of “citrus”

Latin citrus signified the ‘citron’, a tree (Citrus medica) of Asian origin with a lemon-like fruit which was the earliest of the citrus fruits to become known in the west. Like the fruit itself, the name is presumably of Eastern origin – perhaps from a non-Indo-European language from around the eastern end of the Himalayas. Citron is a French derivative of citrus, coined on the model of French limon ‘lemon’; it was borrowed into English in the 16th century.