General English

  • noun a device that holds something tightly and prevents it from moving
  • verb to hold something in a fixed position
  • verb to prevent an illegally parked car from moving by attaching a clamp to one wheel
  • verb to hold something tight with a clamp


  • noun a method of storing root crops in the open, in which the crop is heaped into a pile and covered with straw and earth
  • verb to store crops or silage in a clamp

Cars & Driving

  • noun a fastening which holds an item or items in its jaws by strong pressure.


  • A mechanical device used to holditems together or firmly in place while other operations are being performed. The clamping force may be applied by screws, wedges, cams, or a pneumatic/ hydraulic piston.


  • A mechanical device which serves to bind, press, or otherwise firmly hold two or more parts together. A clamp may also provide mechanical support, strain relief, and vibration absorption.
  • To add a DC component to a wave or signal which lacks such a component.
  • To establish a reference DC level in a signal or device.


  • noun a surgical instrument to hold something tightly, e.g. a blood vessel during an operation

Real Estate

  • noun a mechanical device with movable jaws, used for holding two things firmly together or one object firmly in position
  • verb to fasten two or more things firmly together using a clamp