clean room


General Science

  • noun an area where hard disks, wafers and chips are manufactured in a dust free environment


  • noun an area where hard disks, wafers, and chips are manufactured. The air inside a clean room has been filtered to ensure that no dust or particles are present that could damage a chip.


  • A special-purpose room that meets requirements for the absence of lint, dust, or other particulate matter. In a clean room, the filter systems are high efficiency and the air exchange is one-directional laminar flow.


  • A sealed room in which exceptional measures are taken to provide a contaminant-free environment. In order to keep dust and other small particles out, there may be seamless plastic walls, external wiring, and a continuous supply of 100% filtered air, among others. Those working in clean rooms must wear special clothing which includes head coverings and special slippers, and before entering, must take a shower of blasted air. temperature and humidity are also strictly controlled. Used for manufacturing and research. Seen, for instance, in a chip fabrication plant.