General English

General Science

  • noun the act of removing something which is in the way in order to make space for something else


  • noun the action of clearing land for cultivation


  • noun a space made to allow for the movement of hardware relative to other hardware
  • noun the disappearance of something unwanted, often rain, fog or snow

Cars & Driving

  • noun a gap between two parts


  • noun authority to access a file


  • The distance by which one item is separated, or clear, from another; the empty space between them.
  • An intentional gap left to allow for minor dimensional variations of a component or a part.


  • The distance or space between two objects. For instance, the space between conductors, or between a moving and a stationary part of a machine.
  • The minimum separation that must be maintained between two objects, such as conductors.


  • noun in games, the process of clearing the ball from the defence area


  • noun the act of removing dirty plates, cutlery and glasses from a surface such as a table
  • noun permission to take off