General English

  • noun the act of removing obstacles
  • noun an area in a wood where the trees have been cut down


  • noun an act of passing of a cheque through the banking system, transferring money from one account to another


  • The removal of trees, vegetation, or other obstructions from an area of land. Also referred to as clearing and grubbing.


  • (written as Clearing)
    The process in which a financial institution or other intermediary assists two counterparties in executing a transaction. Clearing organizations are typically used in foreign exchange transactions and other types of trading to ensure smooth completion of transactions by buying from the seller and selling to the buyer, providing a trusted and established intermediary for both parties.


  • noun a small area of ground in woodland where the trees have been removed
  • noun an action of removing something


  • noun the removing of formes after a book is printed, by distributing the type and preparing the formes for another job