• (written as Clementine)
    US mission to the Moon in 1994. Clementine was built and sent to the Moon cheaply out of the US defence budget’s funds for missile defence, to prove technology for operations in high-radiation environments, and cost only $75 million. It mapped the whole of the Moon with a resolution of a few tens of metres, in visible and infrared light, allowing its surface composition to be determined, as well as sending back detailed altimetry data on lunar surface heights. But it failed in its planned second mission, a flyby of the asteroid 1620 Geographos.


  • A hybrid citrus fruit of the mandarin and Seville orange. One of the common mandarins, Citrus reticulata, said to have been grown accidentally in 1902 by a Father Clément. It is small, sweet, round and juicy with a thin skin and few pips. See common mandarin.


  • noun an orange-coloured citrus fruit that is a cross between a tangerine and a Seville orange