General English


  • noun the total amount of wool obtained from a sheep or from a whole flock
  • verb to cut the wool from a sheep



  • A short piece of brick that has been cut.
  • A small metal fastening device.


  • verb to hit the ball smartly off the legs with an angled bat, deflecting it into the leg-side area, especially behind square
    Citation ‘White hit Nash for three consecutive boundaries … He then clipped the same bowler to deep square leg and scampered back audaciously to register his maiden Test half-century’ (Vic Marks, Observer 19 June 1994)


  • A device which serves to grasp or connect, usually through the use of spring-loaded jaws. For example, an alligator clip.
  • In computer graphics, to cut off of a displayed image beyond a given boundary.
  • acronym forClassical IP
    (written as CLIP)
  • Abbreviation of Classical Internet protocol. An IETF standard for sending IP packets over ATM networks. Its own abbreviation is CLIP.

Media Studies

  • noun an extract from a recording.


  • noun a piece of metal with a spring, used to attach things together


  • noun a spring-fitted device used to attach one object to another object, or to hold objects together
  • noun several rounds of ammunition held together by a clip for easy loading
  • verb to attach using a clip


  • verb to take (someone’s) money dishonestly by sharp practice, deceit or fraud. The word is a euphemism from the jargon of tricksters, with the image of ‘trimming’ someone of their ‘excess’ wealth.
  • verb to hit someone a glancing blow with an open hand, to smack
  • verb to kill, execute. An item of black street slang from the early 1990s. One of many short ‘tough-guy’ euphemisms such as tag, cap, off, etc.