General English


  • The action and effect of a clipper. Also called limiting.
  • The unintended limiting of the amplitude of an output signal, due to the exceeding of the capabilities of an amplifier or circuit.
  • In an audio transmission, the loss of words or syllables, due to interruptions of portions of the signal. These are usually due to equipment limitations or malfunctions.
  • In computer graphics, the cutting off of a displayed image beyond a given boundary. Also called scissoring.
  • A portion of the content of a given Web page. Used, for instance, to provide only the basic information needed when accessing the Internet via a low-bandwidth device such as certain cell phones or PDAs. Also called Web clipping.


  • noun a particular kind of cheating in which a prostitute takes a client’s money but does not provide sex in return. A specific sense of the more general slang meaning of clip.