General English

  • adjective changed from being open by being covered or blocked


  • adjective not open for business, or not doing business


  • continuous and/or unbroken. For instance, a closed circuit has an uninterrupted path for current. A switch in the closed position is the same as being on.
  • forming a self-contained unit or system.
  • blocking, or otherwise obstructing.
  • Not having a space or gap, as opposed to having such a space or gap.
  • Not accessible to all, or not designed to work across different architectures or with varied products. For example, a closed architecture.

Media Studies

  • adjective referring to a narrative that is brought to a conclusion at the end.


  • adjective restricted to a few people


  • used to describe a young, undeveloped wine that has not yet revealed its character, aroma or flavour but should develop with age.