General English

General Science

  • verb to cover something with a thin layer of a substance such as paint


  • noun the hair on the body of an animal

Cars & Driving

  • noun a layer of material, usually applied in liquid form, covering a surface


  • A single covering layer of any type of material, such as paint, plaster, stain, or surface sealant.


  • verb to cover food with a layer of other food


  • noun a layer of material covering an organ or a cavity
  • verb to cover something with something else


  • noun a piece of outdoor clothing which covers the top part of the body

Origin & History of “coat”

Coat seems originally to have signified a sort of short close-fitting cloth tunic with sleeves, worn by men. over the centuries fashion has lengthened the garment, and its male exclusivity has disappeared (originally, as a woman’s garment a coat was a skirt, a sense preserved in petticoat). The word is of Germanic origin (it has been traced back to Frankish *kotta), but it reached English via Old French cote.