• noun a mathematical quantity placed before and multiplying another


  • A number or symbol multiplied by a variable.
  • In a regression analysis, the estimated numerical association between one variable and another, usually taken to represent the sign and size of the causal effect of one on the other.


  • A constant in an algebraic equation, as opposed to a variable. For instance, in the expression 3x, 3 is the coefficient, and x is the variable.
  • A numerical measure that describes a physical or chemical property, and that is a constant under specified conditions. For instance, a coefficient of attenuation or of thermal expansion.

Health Economics

  • (written as Coefficient)
    A value or algebraic expression that expresses the structure of an equation. For example, in the equation y = c + a x + b z, a is the coefficient of x and b is the coefficient of z. c is the constant term.