General English


  • noun
    (written as COM)
    a standard defined by Microsoft to standardise the way an application can access an object.
  • noun
    (written as COM)
    the process of recording the output from a computer directly onto microfilm.
  • suffix a suffix that means that the Internet domain name is a company, usually one based in the USA
  • acronym forcomputer output on microfilm
    (written as COM)


  • (written as .com)
    On the Internet, a top-level domain name suffix. The com is an abbreviation of commercial, although the entity employing this suffix need not be commercial. Also called dot com.


  • Cooked rice

Information & Library Science

  • abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for commercial organisations


  • acronym forcomputer output microfilm
    (written as COM)

General Science

  • noun information output from a computer, stored directly onto microfilm.