• A play by the British dramatist Trevor Griffiths,first performed in 1975 at the Nottingham Playhouse in a production bythe young Richard Eyre. Griffiths usesa story about aspiring stand-up comedians making their first publicappearance at a bingo hall to explore the social function of humour.

    The student comedians arrive at their Manchester classroomto receive last words of wisdom from their teacher, Eddie Waters,before moving on to the hall. The group includes an insurance agent,a milkman, an Irish docker, and a Jew. Performing between bingo sessions,the comedians have uneven success with their jokes; some deliberatelypander to the racial and sexual prejudices of the audience. By contrast,the radical Gethin Price presents a strange politically aggressiveact that involves dummies and blood. When the group returns to classfor evaluation, the judge Bert Challoner berates Price for his "repulsive"act. After everyone else departs, Price and Waters stay behind todiscuss what humour means and how it should be used.