Comedy Theatre



  • A small London theater in Panton Street in the West End. Untilits redecoration in 1954, the comedy boasted London's oldest Victorianauditorium, designed by Thomas Verity in a French Renaissance stylewith rich moulding finished in white and gold. Today the Comedy seats780 in a cosy drawing-room atmosphere. It opened in 1881 with Audran'sThe Mascotte.

    In 1956 the New Watergate Theatre Club was formed to presentunlicensed plays at the theater; these included Tennessee Williams'sCat on a Hot Tin Roof (1957) and Peter Shaffer's Five FingerExercise (1959). Male nudity featured in Fortune and Men'sEyes (1968) and female nudity in Steaming (1981). In 1969There's a Girl in my Soup continued its record run of 2547performances at the Comedy, having transferred from the Globe. Morerecent productions include revivals of Pinero's Trelawny of the'Wells' (1992), Pinter's The Caretaker (2000; with MichaelGambon), the farce Boeing-Boeing (2007; with Mark Rylance), andMolière's The Misanthrope (2009; in the version by MartinCrimp).