General English

  • noun words showing what you think about something
  • noun discussion about a particular issue
  • verb to say what you think about something

General Science

  • noun an opinion expressed in speech or writing
  • noun a helpful note in a program to guide other programmers who might read it


  • noun a helpful note in a program to guide the user


  • In computer programming, a statement, or text, that is embedded for any purpose except execution. For instance, a clarifying note detailing the rationale behind a given instruction. Also called remark.


  • noun a remark giving a spoken or written opinion

Origin & History of “comment”

In Latin, a commentum was originally ‘something invented or devised’. It was derived from the verb comminiscī ‘devise, contrive by thought’, a compound formed from the prefix com- ‘with’ and a base *men- (this also produced Latin mens and mentiō, source respectively of English mental and mention). It was used in the 7th century by the Spanish theologian Isidore in the sense ‘interpretation, annotation’, and it was with that meaning rather than the original ‘contrivance’ that the word passed eventually into English.