General English

  • noun a group of people which investigates problems of national importance
  • noun an order for something to be made or to be used
  • noun the percentage of sales value given to the sales representative
  • noun an order making someone an officer
  • verb to authorise someone such as an artist or architect to do a piece of work; to authorise a piece of work to be done
  • verb to make someone an officer


  • noun money paid to a salesperson, agent or stockbroker, usually a percentage of the sales made or the business done


  • (written as Commission)
    A service fee charged by a broker or other investment intermediary in exchange for performing services such as executing market transactions and providing clients with access to market data and advice. Commissions for foreign exchange brokers may be based on the number of transactions or on the monetary value of the transactions, depending on the brokerage.


  • noun a group of people officially appointed to examine or be in charge of something
  • noun a request to someone such as an artist or architect to do a piece of work for which they will be paid
  • noun an official position of being an officer in the army
  • noun the act of committing a crime


  • noun an authority by which an officer holds his or her rank in the armed forces
  • verb to prepare a ship for operational duty


  • noun an official order to someone, giving him or her authority and explaining the duties
  • noun a payment made by someone to another person who is acting as their agent


  • noun a job given to a person or company to do
  • verb to arrange for somebody to do some work in exchange for payment

Real Estate

  • noun a fee paid to an agent for providing a service, especially a percentage of the total amount of business transacted