Cars & Driving

  • noun a pump for increasing pressure used e.g. in air-conditioning or in forced induction (supercharging or turbocharging)
  • noun a tool for compressing a coil spring, such as a valve spring


  • A machine that compresses air or gases.
  • In refrigeration/air conditioning, a machine that compresses a refrigerant gas, which then goes to an evaporator.
  • A truck- or trailer-mounted apparatus, usually diesel-driven, that generates compressed air for demolition hammers, sandblasting and similar needs on a construction site.


  • A circuit or device which reduces the range of its input signal magnitudes.
  • A program or routine which compresses data.

Real Estate

  • noun a machine that compresses gas so that the power produced when the gas is released can be used to power another machine, e.g. a pneumatic drill