computed tomography



  • A medical diagnostic technique in which a series of X-rays are taken at different angles around a specific part of a body. A computer combines the images of the multiple scans, and produces cross-sectional or three-dimensional pictures of internal organs. It is relatively safe, painless, quick, and very sensitive. Its abbreviation is CT. There are several variations, including PET and SPECT. Also called by several other names, including computed axial tomography scan, computed tomography scan, computer-aided tomography, computerized axial tomography, and CAT scan.
  • scan Same as computed tomography. Its abbreviation is CT scan.
  • scanner Same as CT scanner.
  • synonymcomputer-aided tomography
  • synonymCT scan
  • synonymcomputer-assisted tomography
  • synonymcomputer axial tomography
  • synonymcomputer tomography
  • synonymcomputer tomography scan
  • synonymcomputerized axial tomography
  • synonymcomputerized axial tomography scan
  • synonymcomputerized tomography
  • synonymcomputerized tomography scan
  • Abbreviation of computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computer tomography.


  • acronymCT