General English

General Science

  • noun a machine that receives, stores or processes data according to a stored program
  • noun a programming language that consists of commands in binary code which can be directly understood by a central processing unit, without the need for translation


  • noun an electronic machine that receives, stores, and processes data very quickly using a program kept in its memory


  • A device which accepts an input, processes this information, then presents an output. A computer is composed of hardware and software. The hardware includes all the physical equipment, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, memory, storage mediums, cables, and the key computing component, which is the CPU. The software, in the form of programs, tells the hardware how to process information. Programs include operating systems, network software, and applications such as word processors. Most computers are digital, although there are other types, such as analog and hybrid. A computer may be contained on a single chip. Also called computing machine.
  • synonymcomputing machine

Information & Library Science

  • noun an electronic machine that processes data very quickly using a stored program


  • noun an electronic device used for storing and processing data