General English

  • noun the act of thinking carefully about something
  • noun a lot of things together in one area


  • noun the amount of a substance in a given volume or mass of a solution



  • noun the action of grouping a large number of things together.
  • noun the action of a bank in lending too much to one single sector of the economy


  • noun the degree to which a small number of businesses control a large section of the market


  • noun the action of grouping a number of things together; it occurs when a market is dominated by a small number of firms (90 per cent of the market in the hands of three firms, for example). It is a stage between perfect competition where many small firms exist but cannot influence the market and a monopoly where only one firm exists and dominates the market.

Human Resources

  • noun a situation in which members of a specific social group are overrepresented


  • noun an act of bringing something together
  • noun an act of focusing your attention, energy or resources on something